Smoothing of intermittent renewable energies

The growth of renewable energies poses a new problem to the electricity network: the management of intermittence. Conventional means of production are not able to adapt to the rapid changes in the power supplied by these energies, which are of the order of the minute. The ENERGIESTRO flywheel will allow smooth production across time, and thus to increase the market of intermittent renewable energies. ENERGIESTRO is particularly targeting the small networks market, such as islands and rural electrification.


Solar energy storage

In most countries there is a peak of consumption at the end of the day, while the solar production peak is midday. The ENERGIESTRO flywheel will allow storage of solar production of the day for several hours and release it when the sun is down. This is the “timeshift” of energy.




The final goal of ENERGIESTRO is to store enough energy during the day to power a building or the grid during all the night. The ENERGIESTRO flywheel is the ideal storage for large solar power plants in desert areas, in combination with photovoltaic panels.


Power to remote sites

The VOSS flywheel enables the powering of remote site by storing solar energy during 24 hours. However, a genset must be added for periods when there is little sun. 








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