The ENERGIESTRO flywheel stores energy like a stationary battery, but with the added benefit of unlimited life. In practice a flywheel will operate more than 30 years and one million cycles, whereas a battery lasts a few years and thousands of cycles. The bottom line is: the cost of energy storage with an ENERGIESTRO flywheel is much lower than with a battery.



As a standard, ENERGIESTRO offers a power rating enabling a charge or discharge in one hour (for instance the 10 kWh flywheel has a 10 kW power rating). For 24 hour storage, the optimal ratio between capacity (kWh) and power (kW) is 5 hours (for instance the 100 kWh flywheel has a 20 kW power rating). 

ENERGIESTRO plans to produce a range of flywheels with storage capacity from 10 kWh to 1 MWh.

The table below gives the main features of the flywheels of the intended range:

Capacity Diameter
10 kWh 1,0 1,5 3,0 10
20 kWh 1,3 1,9 6,0 20
50 kWh 1,7 2,6 15 50
100 kWh 2,2 3,2 30 20
1 MWh 4,6 7,0 300 200



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